Well-balanced with low-acidity & on the sweet & nutty side.

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  • Origin
    Medellin, Colombia
  • Processing
  • Variety
    Caturra, Catui & Colombia

About this coffee:

Place of Origin: Colombia

Colombian is many a customer's 'go-to' coffee & many a roaster's litmus coffee. The Colombians manage to produce huge quantities of high quality arabicas through an ever-developing industry that places great emphasis on training, research & infrastructure. This general upward trend of improvement is plain to see in the shipments we have had over recent years.

Traditionally Colombian has always been a safe bet, a good blender, a model of consistency & availability. Recently we have enjoyed some stunning coffees with more traceability, from a variety of regions from this vast, varied country, with so many variations in altitude, latitude & temperature. So now we source from a variety of different terroirs but often the selection of bean varietal is limited to the usual suspects, of Caturra, Catui & Colombian. 

This prompts the question: "What affects flavour more - Terroir or Variety?" Neither of which can be extricated from a third, Man-made element: "Process." Maybe this is the over-arching, homogenising influence which still gives us the reliable predictably we demand from this coffee - well-balanced with low-acidity & on the sweet & nutty side. All qualities that make it a forgiving blender & a highly approachable coffee.

So, whether from Popoyan, Boyaca, Bucaramanga, Medellin, Suarez, Somondoco or Cauca State, we continue to stock all kinds of Colombian Excelso beans as a generic example from this great origin, though they may, from time to time, wander around the snaking cordilleras of the mighty Andean range from one end to the other.