Golden Nutty Nectar

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Cupping Notes

  • Fragrance8/10
  • Aroma8/10
  • Clean Cup10/10
  • Balance8/10
  • Sweetness8/10
  • Acidity7/10
  • Body8/10
  • Flavour7/10
  • Finish7/10
  • Overall8/10

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Total Score 79/100

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Place of Origin: Colombia

Colombian is many a customer's 'go-to' coffee & many a roaster's litmus coffee. The Colombians manage to produce huge quantities of high quality arabicas through an ever-developing industry that places great emphasis on training, research & infrastructure. This general upward trend of improvement is plain to see in the shipments we have had over recent years.

Traditionally Colombian has always been a safe bet, a good blender, a model of consistency & availability. Recently we have enjoyed some stunning coffees with more traceability, from a variety of regions from this vast, varied country, with so many variations in altitude, latitude & temperature. So now we source from a variety of different terroirs but often the selection of bean varietal is limited to the usual suspects, of Caturra, Catui & Colombian. 

This prompts the question: "What affects flavour more - Terroir or Variety?" Neither of which can be extricated from a third, Man-made element: "Process." Maybe this is the over-arching, homogenising influence which still gives us the reliable predictably we demand from this coffee - well-balanced with low-acidity & on the sweet & nutty side. All qualities that make it a forgiving blender & a highly approachable coffee.

So, whether from Popoyan, Boyaca, Buccuramanga, Medellin, Suarez, Somondoco or Cauca State, we continue to stock all kinds of Colombian Excelso beans as a generic example from this great origin, though they may, from time to time, wander around the snaking cordilleras of the mighty Andean range from one end to the other. 

On the other hand, we also try & seek out those farmers, such as Granja La Esperanza, who are maybe doing things a little differently, more experimental, atypical & for those examples you need to look next door in the Innovation Column!